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These are the visuals that occur during the music video for the song Craigslist.

Visuals Lyrics
Sun rise (sped up)
Driving down a road (sped up) Oh yeah!
Many colors
Shows close up of Al's waist (B&W)
Al in front of a microphone, cutting to different angles (B&W) You've got a '65 Chevy Malibu with automatic drive a custom paint job too
Al is still in front of the microphone, now in color with retro lights in the background. I'll trade you for my old wheelbarrow and a slightly used sombrero and I'll even throw in a stapler if you insist... Craigslist!
Shows the feet of a dancing Indian
Back to the microphone scene, Al's image is doubled I'm on Craiglsist, baby, come on! Yeah!
Shows old footage of people by old cars
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