I woke up this morning

I was driving around town the other night
And I got the munchies
So I took a walk to Wendle's doughnuts
To get myself something to eat
And I stopped the car
And I opened the door
I got out of my car
I closed the door
I walked over to the lady's window
She said yeah? What do you want?
I said you got any cinnamon doughnuts?
She said no we're out of cinnamon doughnuts
I said you got any jelly-filled doughnuts?
She said no we're out out jelly-filled doughnuts
I said you got any bear claws?
She said oh, wait a minute I'll go check

No, we're out of bear claws
I said well in that case
Baby, do you have any buffalo cookies
She stared me straight in the eye
And said How many do you want?

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