Song: I Lost On Jeopardy

Running Time: 3:43

Year: 1984

Album: In 3-D, Greatest Hits 1, TV Album, Al-In-The-Box

Parody of: Jeopardy by The Greg Kihn Band

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  • The song refers to Jeopardy!, a trivia game show that originally aired from 1964 to 1975 with host Art Fleming and announcer Don Pardo. A revival of Jeopardy! with Alex Trebek as host premiered only a few weeks after the "I Lost On Jeopardy" single was released and still airs to this day. Don Pardo himself plays the announcer on the song's recording.
  • Several people have cameos in the video:
    • Don Pardo and Art Fleming appear as themselves.
    • Dr. Demento is one of the crew members in the control room.
    • The original "Jeopardy" singer Greg Kihn is the driver of the car Al is thrown into at the end. In an interview, Kihn claimed the woman dressed as a bride sitting next to him (whose face isn't shown) went on to be a famous rock singer, but said he wasn't allowed to say who.
    • Al's parents appear as themselves.
  • The answer shown under the "Potpourri" category in the video is a garbled version of the equations for a Lorentz transformation in Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
  • The categories in the music video consisted of the following: "TV Themes", "Nuclear Physics", "World Geography", "Food", "Potpourri", and "Famous Accordion Players".
  • The answer shown under the "World Geography" category in the video is: "Number of bricks in the Great Wall of China". The number is "~4 billion".
  • The answer shown under the "Food" category in the video is: "Secret ingredient found in both Cheez Wiz and Crazy Glue".
  • The answer shown under the Daily Double in the video is: "This German baroness could suck the chrome off of a fender".
  • Years later, Al appeared as a contestant in Rock and Roll Jeopardy, and lost.
  • The car at the end is an Alfa Romeo
  • One of the contestants is an architect. Al has a bachelor's degree in architecture

Reference to Greg Kihn's "Jeopardy" video Edit

  • As staff members come to kick him out from the studio, Yankovic tore a piece of wood off from the podium. In the original "Jeopardy" video, Kihn tore a piece of pew off where the monster pulled him into the center of the church.
  • Yankovic is thrown out from the studio into an Alfa Romeo Spider driven by Greg Kihn, with the license plate reading "LOSER". In the original "Jeopardy" video, Kihn drove away with a female bride in an MG MGB convertible, with the license plate reading "LIPS".