A screenshot of the Fat music video


Single Cover

Song: Fat

Running Time: X:XX

Year: 1988

Album: Even Worse, Greatest Hits 1, Food Album, Al-In-The-Box, Fat

Parody of: Bad by Michael Jackson

Lyrics: Lyrics

Video: See Visuals


Download/Listen: Mp3


  • The video set was a recreation of the set of Michael Jackson's Bad video, which had recently been constructed for use in Jackson's film Moonwalker. Jackson let Al use the set for free.
  • A sequel for this song, Fatter was planned, but not released.
  • This is one of the "Weird Al" songs where the theme is Obesity.
  • When Al performs this song in concert, he wears the fat makeup and suit.
  • "Weird Al"’s fat makeup took three hours to apply each day for the music video.
  • One of the dancers was just an obese pizza delivery guy who needed the paycheck.
  • The taunters were none other than the Fat Boys.

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