Trump stood by a stand, made racist remarks "Let's build a wall", he casually remarked Waitin' for his plane with cash in his pockets He just keeps sayin', "Muslims oughta' leave on rockets"

He's Trump He's Trump nothing's in his head He's Trump He's Trump He's Trump Is he inbred?

Trump is a big monstrocity He told all women that they're dogs, slobs, and pigs He never feels too dumb because His mom always told him, "Stupid is as stupid does."

He's Trump He's Trump He brings with despair He's Trump He's Trump He's Trump What's with that hair?

Run run Run everybody Run run Run like the wind now Run run Run run from Donald Run or hop

His face is so ugly that no one can stand He's got no friends' 'cept for all his stupid fans A trillion pennies is kind of alot Went to the White House, and acted like a butt

He's Trump He's Trump He's not too bright He's Trump He's Trump He's Trump He's not alright

Does this Trump not have a head I think so Is this Trump really brain dead I think so Does this Trump make lots of bread I think so He's so evil, and he also hates cats.

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