Song: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Running Time: 3:47

Year: 1994

Album: Bad Hair Day

Parody of: Style parody of They Might Be Giants

Lyrics: Lyrics

Video: No

Fan Video

Download/Listen: Mp3

Forum: Forum Discussion Page


  • The song parodies several common elements of early They Might Be Giants songs, particularly ones written and sung by keyboardist John Linnell: the use of accordion, electric organ, baritone saxophone, drum machine, and rambling, bizarrely morbid lyrics offset by cheery melodies. The slow organ intro sounds similar to the intros of TMBG's "Sensurround" and "Out of Jail"
  • In the February 1999 "Ask Al" column, Al confirmed that the song's title is a reference to the Firesign Theatre 1974 album of the same name.
  • The accordion solo in this track is similar to the one in TMBG's "Rhythm Section Want Ad".

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