Albuquerque 2007 3

Song: Albuquerque

Running Time: 11:23

Year: 1999

Style parody of: "Dick's Automotive" by The Rugburns*

Album: Running With Scissors

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  • This song is very similar to The Rugburns' "Dick's Automotive." Al gave them a special thanks on his next album, Poodle Hat.
  • Al says he was fed sauerkraut every day until he was 26½ years old; an almost-reference to the number 27.
  • At 11 minutes and 23 seconds long, this is Al's longest recorded song.
  • Zelda is named after the Legend of Zelda character.
  • The lyric booklet that comes with Running With Scissors only contains the first few sentences of the lyrics followed by a message: know what? The rest of these lyrics aren't gonna fit on here. There's just no room left. What a drag, huh? I guess we didn't plan this out very well . . . probably should've used a smaller font or a bigger piece of paper or something. Sorry. We all feel just horrible about this. Well, I guess you'll just have to listen really carefully and try to figure out the words for yourself. Good luck.
  • Al claims he didn't foresee this song becoming particularly popular with fans; his main goal was to annoy listeners with a needlessly long and rambling song.
  • When performing this song live, Al sometimes extends the donut bit, with his character asking for more kinds of donuts than in the original song (including "Halle Berry donuts").