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Album: The Best Of Yankovic

Released: 1992

Recorded: Pre-1992

Total running time: 30:65


  1. Smells Like Nirvana (3:42)
  2. Taco Grande (3:44)
  3. Airline Amy (3:50)
  4. The Plumbing Song (4:08)
  5. Eat It (3:19)
  6. Like A Surgeon (3:32)
  7. Living With A Hernia (3:20)
  8. Lasagna (2:46)
  9. One More Minute (4:04)


  • This album is a compilation of songs from other albums. It was only released in Korea, and in vinyl format.
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The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic (2009)The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic 3.0 (2010)

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