Pokèmon 2000 The Movie Soundtrack
Released July 18, 2000
Recorded Unknown
Length 50:10
Record Label Atlantic Records
Catalog Number 83370
Producer Various
Lead Single The Power Of One by Donna Summer
Previous Album Poodle Hat
Next Album Poodle Hat

"Pokèmon 2000 The Movie Soundtrack" is a compilation album of songs from the movie "Pokèmon The Movie 2000." It includes artists such as Donna Summer, "Weird Al" Yankovic


No. TitleWriter(s)Parody of Length
1. "The Power Of One (Donna Summer)"  Mark Chait, Mervyn WarrenOriginal Song 3:50
2. "Dreams (Alysha Antonio)"  UnknownOriginal Song 4:04
10. "Polkamon"  "Weird Al" YankovicOriginal Song 2:06


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U.S.A. Canada


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